About us

Our story is all about making things simple.

blue rivet

simple. solid. style.

Making things simple it is. Offering quality jeans, first-time right in multiple washings, online-only. The real deal for a fair price.

Behind Blue rivet

The background of the N01 Slim

We make denim for men who are uncomplicated and have an effortless style. 

We looked closely into what men want these days, the most bought male jeans fit is the slim fit. Around 60% of Dutch male denim sales are slim fit denims. From past learnings we know the denim fabric should feel comfortable, but solid. And sturdy, but with stretch. Material composition of the first N01 Slim denim is a combination of recycled cotton and organic cotton. The trimmings are of recycled metal and the leather patch is OEKO certified (otherwise known as waste material). Now coming soon the new next fit to fit style demand: the N01 Straight.


Giovanni van Bronckhorst

We are extremely proud to announce Gio has joined the Blue Rivet team as partner and investor.

why blue rivet

Making your jeans-search easy

So we were looking for a jeans company in which we could easily find a good quality pair of jeans. Not too many options, washings or finishes. We also just wanted this pair of jeans to be of sustainable materials.

We were looking to buy this pair of jeans online, in the right size. For a good price. This was not an easy task.

So we decided to make a man's life a little easier and start exactly that company.
carefully selected


Based on a long lasting relationship between our co-founder and the factory, our denim production takes place in Turkey. Our Sweats are produced in Portugal, with carefully selected bio cotton.

During our design and sampling process the production partner has been part of our journey and put in great effort to give the Blue Rivet jeans the best quality, trimmings and size-preciseness. It may occur in the future that certain products are not in stock at times. This is because we rather wait for the products, and get things right, than push production. The relationship with our suppliers is excellent and balanced, we want to keep things as they are.

Water & Cotton

We make use of post-consumer recycled, regular and organic cotton in the manufacturing of our jeans. The cotton comes from different regions of the world depending on the harvest. The regions are known to be the US, Greece and Turkey. The water usage in denim for the largest part is accountable during the irrigation process of the cotton seeds and plants on the plantations. The recycled cotton we use in our products does not need to go through the process of being grown and irrigated again. This makes a good difference on the total water needed for a Blue Rivet product. Moreover at the weavery and in the washing process our production partners make use of the Indigo Flow technique for the dying process. This reduces water usage by 70% in denim as opposed to the traditional way.

We thrive to create sustainable jeans while maintaining premium quality. For this to happen we need to balance quality and sustainability within the construction of the jeans. We encountered in our first N01 Slim Jeans when using fully sustainable materials in our jeans, the quality decreased on several colourways. In order for the quality not to deteriorate we had to make use of a mix of regular, recycled and bio cotton. With our partners we will keep searching for more sustainable ways to create jeans. Currently in the research and development process of our 2nd long jeans for a full sustainable super quality. It’s an ongoing process. And true to our brand.

In Store

in 2024 Blue Rivet jeans has made the bold move to enter the first physical store so far. Maddox, located near Amsterdam. A successful clothing concept in the Stadshart Amstelveen. We are looking forward to the next steps in our growth journey.

If you want to fit, feel and touch a real Blue Rivet before buying it, than check out our Brand at Maddox.

Repair service

We make denim that will last and will always be in style regardless of the season. We believe that less is enough and we should collectively focus on conscious consumption. Therefore you have a free 365-day-guarantee program on your Blue Rivet Jeans. Better repaired than replaced. Read more on Repair Shop.


The Team

Jos Boin, founder of Blue Rivet, started working during his holidays at the age of 15 in the Levi’s warehouse in Amsterdam, where his father was employed. This marked the start of a long successful career in fashion.

The past decades he founded and worked for smaller and bigger fashion companies. His background is mostly in traditional wholesale, for that reason he felt the need to found a pure online brand anno 2021. Less players in the supply chain and the best set-up to stay completely true to oneself. 

Blue Rivet stands for a high quality product out of sustainable fabrics, with an excellent fit, in a wide pallet of colour options, for a fair price. The online shop offers a top-end experience by making it as simple as possible for the customer/consumer in use.

To realize the brand and its ambitions, Jos has partnered with 3 professionals in the business. Nicolien Mastenbroek, Steven Harting and Ruud Kroese.