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Meet the Blue Rivet men

We from Blue Rivet are of the opinion that its not a matter of age, but a matter of lifestyle.

A Blue Rivet is for those men who enjoy an uncomplicated search for premium products. Those men who work hard, but enjoy life to the max. They enjoy sports, especially the third half. They like to travel, especially with their mates. They look at the world with positivity and are conscious about their choices. It's those men who get all out of live.

And just want good jeans.

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"When the mood is right and you got the right people, then that vibe is in the air."

Chris Ogbu, friend of Blue Rivet from the very first hour, has lived in many other countries than his own Nigeria. He has been in The Netherlands for over 25 years and lives here with his beautiful wife and two children. The medley of cultural influences has formed him to whom he is nowadays.


We went to visit Chris in Almere to have a chat with him. Whenever we meet Chris he fills up the room. His energy is contagious. What drives a man with so much positive energy?


Once we were in front of his house, we realized we woke Chris up for our early meeting. He opened the door from his nap.. wearing a tee and his Blue Rivet jeans! This moment made our day. After 15 minutes we were ready to get started with this interview, Chris was instantly on. When he shines, everyone shines.


“Gratitude is a super powerful emotion”

Chris, can you tell us a bit about your background?


“I grew up with a very loving mom, and a stricter father. I think like most people from my generation. We were 4 children, two brothers and two sisters. The ultimate balanced family. We had a good youth. Lots of travelling, exploring other cultures to wherever my father was going. I was born in Nigeria, and we also moved quite a bit. To the UK and the US.  However, I’ve lived in the Netherlands the greatest part of my life now. My wife and children are here, so I feel at home here, but it’s always like having a leg in two countries. A split. My home in Nigeria, with all the family I have there, is just as much a real home.”


Our experience with you is that you light up the room
with your presence, have you always been like that?


“Ha, well that is quite a compliment. Thank you! I do not necessarily see and feel this myself. I would describe myself as a relatively shy person, quiet until I’m comfortable in the environment.

What I discovered over the years is that it’s not just a matter of who you are, but a combination with your surroundings. So, I seem to have a found a combination which makes me tick. When the mood is right, you got the right people, there is a vibe in the air. When you put that all together, I just seem to shine as they say. It’s a great buzz.”



At Blue Rivet we like to keep things simple and we stand
for the good life, on the other hand, how about the difficult times in life?


“I’m a strong believer in Ying Yang. You got your ups and downs. Life is a bit of a rollercoaster and I say that with a deeper meaning. A lot of people look at things black and white, I believe that we are always experiencing shades of grey in our lives, because the black and white is happening simultaneously all the time. In one part of our life there might be a positive-, in another part
there might be negative occurrence.

What happens is, you call that occurrence good or bad depending on what you perceive to be dominant. What I try to do is make that balance, so even when it is very negative, I try to look at what is positive here and move that a bit more forward. It doesn’t mean the negative part is not happening, it is still happening.”

Do you think your perspective on life helped you with your radiant energy?


“Oh yeah, definitely. And maybe due to age, but I started reading a whole lot more about the dynamics of human behavior. One of the new things I realized, is that gratitude is a super powerful emotion. This is just so strong, I always overlooked it, because you think gratitude is for example, “Thank you daddy, for my new shirt”. No, that’s not the meaning of gratitude, that is appreciation. Gratitude has a deeper sense, and you experience that when you gave real gratitude, even if it’s for a small thing. Then you look at the world from a different perspective, much more gratefulness, much more goodness.”


Is there an activity that makes you forget time?


“Yes, there is. Actually, two things, but they are so tight together for me that it’s one. Dancing and music. I think this is the soul, the food of life. I lose time, I lose myself, even sense of hearing at that point in time. I can just really seal myself off to the world and just really go into that song, into that rhythm, into the flow.

I’ve caught myself in the: “wow, what was that?”-feeling and I find myself crying, because that song touched me so much. I didn’t realize for 2 or 3 seconds; I just completely forget everything that’s around me. A lot of people lose that touch at some point in their life, because they use their brains too much and can’t stop thinking. But you need to let go. You cannot force what you feel, it’s only by truly letting go, and letting it from the inside come out to experience true emotion. It’s unfiltered, it’s unbiased, be it good or bad. But the nice thing about it is, you always feel energized, because it was a pure feeling. It was pure energy, which I think is what we’re all made of, so being able to connect to that is so important. And I try to, the more and more, the older I get.”


To get into the flow of losing time as well: listen to Chris’ Spotify list here.


Chris is wearing a N01 Slim Stone Bleached by Blue Rivet, and the current collection of Pig & Hen bracelets.


1. What is your favorite sport and sports team? 
To watch – Basketball. To play Badminton and golf. 

2. What are your three favorite fashion brands?
Rapha, Levi’s, Boss

3. What do you like to do when you are with friends?
Have a good laugh, usually accompanied with something to eat and dancing. 

4. What is your favorite drink? 
Baron Otard VSOP

5. What is your favorite movie genre?
It really depends on my mood. I like action, science (fiction), nature and  stand up comedies.

6 Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what is your favorite? 
Never got into the habit of podcasts, but when I do its usually Russell Brand.

7. Do you have advice for mindfulness? 
Always make time for yourself. Set aside 30min of quiet time each day, you do nothing but breath and focus on your breathing. Watch what happens.

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